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The rain can't stop us!

Friends only =] And Free RAMEN~

Friends only

Friends-ONLY [And maybe free ramen?] Please comment to be added.

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No shit when did you get LJ? ADD MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE its Justin o.o
I'm already on Your F-list but I want some free ramen

-Gives Free Ramen-

There you go~ =P
Thank you!!!!!!!!
XD Welcome.
Hey, found you at animeaddme...I am a fan of the following as well Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Inu-Yasha, Samurai Champloo, D.N Angel, Yami no Matsuei,Zatch Bell, One Piece, Trigun, I am a huge Black Cat fan...

I am getting into Yu Yu Hakusho, Witch Hunter Robin....I am gonna add you...
I recently got into Yu Yu Hakusho, and now I'm addict~ I will add you back =]
I WANT RAMEN *adds just for the ramen*

i give u a slice of honey-senpai's cake?

Honey-senpai cake as in like in your icon? Mmm...XD~
heehee *naruto's "i-did-sumthing-you-don't-want-to-tell-the-hokage-i-did-cause-he-knows-i-do-it-all-the-time" smile*

yes.. but i need to ask him first... he's very protective of his sweet! *_*
o.o or like cut it in half so we can share? x3
nvm... he says u can have this one... Mori-senpai told him that he had another one in the fridge ^_^


*cuddles sasuke*
LMFAO. Thanks~
saw you at animeaddme and we like a lot of the same things so I shall add you :3
Added =D
You seem really awesome! Add me?
I'll add you back.
Added ^^
found you at animeaddme, and wee have a lot in common. Can I add you?
Yes. I will add you back~
Add me? I think I added you on my last journal too. ^^;
Added ^^
Yep. Added =D
Hey~~ This is stiria at the new LJ account xD Add me please?^__^ hehe
=O Was wondering where you went. Added ^^
Hiya! This is miroshiku with a different journal. Add me? Sorry about changing around so much. XD;
LOL. Sure I will add you back :)

P.S I like the new lj name x3
Yush! -Adds!- I added you already! X3!


Need to download XRumer 5.0 for free!

Hi, my friends. I want to download software pack XRUMER 5.0 PALLADIUM for free. Any link???
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And did you hear news - price for XRumer 5.0 Palladium will grow up to $540 after 15 may 2009... And XRumer 2.9 and 3.0 - too old versions, it's cant break modern catpchas and cant break modern anti-bot protections. But XRumer 5.0 Palladium CAN!!!!
So help me for download this great program for free! Thanks!
Hi bb! this is xxsecretive but with a new account =3, add back?
The rain can't stop us!

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